Hi! I’m Molly! I have carried an obsessive adoration for professional wrestling since I was a little girl. This special blog of mine weaves my love of wrestling with countless ridiculous and unapologetic feelings I call my own. More than anything, this is a love story. Welcome 💖

I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I’m an avid runner. Wrestling and writing are my two lifelong loves. I write regularly for this blog, am a contributor to WrestleJoy.com, and have written countless fiction tales, mostly short stories and poetry, all unpublished and collecting dust.

I enjoy coffee, my comfy pajamas, unapologetic positivity, romantic comedies, rain showers, and my beautifully sweet angel of a girlfriend. I stand a whopping 4’11’’ and I cannot speak in a voice any more loudly than a soft whisper (literally). I’m a badass survivor of scary things and a proud gay woman to boot. To know anymore, you’ll just have to come back and keep reading! I hope you will!